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Home > Animal/Stock > Health & Veterinary > iO Poultry Grain Mix 20kg

iO Poultry Grain Mix 20kg

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SKU: 12894
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iO Poultry Grain Mix is made from a high quality of mixed nutritious grains that will keep any chook happy. Made by Australia's leading manufacturer exclusively for you.

Seed breakdown:

Grain Sorghum                     220g/kg             

Black Sunflower Seed         40g/kg       

Corn                                       15g/kg

Medium Grit                         30g/kg              

Sel Grit                                  15g/kg

White French Millet              15g/kg

Safflower                              15g/kg 

Dunpeas                               35g/kg

Lupins                                   10g/kg 

Corn                                      125g/kg                 

Canola                                   15g/kg

Wheat                                   420g/kg

Oil                                            5g/kg

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