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We have moved!

Posted on 19 January 2022
We have moved!

Welcome to our new shop! 

Come and check out our awesome range of farm equipment and hardware!


Storing your harvest this year?

Posted on 10 November 2021
Storing your harvest this year?

Storing your harvest this year? Use Ag-Crete's bunker walls to make the set-up easy!

Bunker ground sheets & covers - order thru us today!




Protect & preserve your hay with a tarp

Posted on 10 November 2021
Protect & preserve your hay with a tarp

Protect & preserve your hay with a tarp - order the size you need today!

Ph 03 5450 4455


Be in the know with Gallagher's Weighing & EID Soloutions! Available from KRS!

Posted on 10 November 2021
Be in the know with Gallagher's Weighing & EID Soloutions! Available from KRS!

Be in the know with Gallagher's Weighing & EID Soloutions! Available from KRS!

Data at your fingertips

With over 80 years of experience in the farming industry and a reputation for ground breaking innovations in animal management, Gallagher also lead the way in weighing and EID solutions - offering a full range of animal weighing, data collection and EID systems


Vital addition for your calf-rearing toolbox

Posted on 6 September 2021
Vital addition for your calf-rearing toolbox

Vital addition for your calf-rearing toolbox

Nutra-Kel, the newest addition to Daviesway’s comprehensive calf-rearing arsenal, comes highly recommended by Daviesway’s calf rearing specialist, Cindy Lucas.

Dasco Nutra-Kel is a 35% pure kelp-based liquid vitamin and mineral supplement – maximised by unique cold-enzyme processing. It carries significantly higher amounts of seaweed of leading industry competitors, in addition to trace minerals, vitamins, alginates, carbohydrates, and mineral salts. It makes this prebiotic* one of nature’s most complete liquid seaweed supplements (+2% molasses for palatability).

*Prebiotics are a type of fibre the body cannot digest. They serve as food for probiotics, and when Nutra-Kel is teamed with BioBoost – Daviesway’s oral probiotic – the results can be game-changing.

Nutra-Kel includes NO UREA or medicinal substances, and it is NASAA Certified** Organic (NCO) certified.










Nutral-Kel is ideal to be used as an oral tonic (or fed daily in milk or water) during sickness and/or recovery for calves and cows. It also restores valuable nutrients during and after climatic challenges.


Cindy says that within her day-to-day management, Nutra-Kel buys her time. “If I’m concerned about any calf, the first thing they get is 10ml of Nutra-Kel and BioBoost. That way, I’m giving them a prebiotic and a probiotic at the same time. It also offers an easy way to incorporate vitamins and minerals. “It buys me time and gives them a boost. So, when I finish feeding the rest of the calves, I can then assess them more closely to see what the problem is, and if they need electrolytes or other supportive treatments. “I also use it when calves are recovering, and they love it.”


Another big-time bonus, Cindy says, is that Nutra-Kel can be added daily to milk or water, as an “inexpensive option to support and boost the underlying health and vitality of my calves.” It also offers a non-invasive way to incorporate vitamins and minerals. “For people who use injectable vitamins or multi-minerals, Nutra-Kel offers a great alternative. Especially, as it’s fortified with vitamin A, D and E. It’s also kinder on the calf, cost-effective, and includes the natural benefits of pure sustainably-sourced Tasmanian kelp."

**NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) is issued by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. It certifies organic commodities meet all domestic and international export market requirements, and is recognised globally as upholding the highest standards of integrity and benchmarks for the industry.

For assistance please contact our Calf Rearing Specialist or your local Daviesway/DASCO
– 1800 666 269

Calf Rearing Specialist – Daviesway/DASCO
Mobile: 0427192421

Download the Nutral-Kel info brochure here 


New grant available to Victorian Farmers

Posted on 24 June 2021
New grant available to Victorian Farmers

Upgrade digital systems on your farm with.......

The Digital Agriculture Investment Scheme funded by the Victorian Government is currently open to applications.

Grants from $5,000 to $50,000 (ex GST) are available with at least a 50% co-contribution to assist farm businesses invest in eligible on-farm digital technology projects (Eligible Projects) to improve productivity, resilience and the long-term viability of Victorian farms.

The Victorian Government is working to ensure that Victorian farmers are at the forefront of the digital revolution in agriculture. This program follows the launch of the Agriculture Strategy, and Smarter Safer Farms initiative to create a Victorian agriculture sector that is strong, innovative and sustainable.

Grants are available from the date the Scheme opens on 23 June 2021 until program funds are fully allocated or the closing date of 31 October 2021, whichever is sooner.

Includes - Weighing & Monitoring Stock Data Systems, Animal health and performance, Robotics and smart machinery / automation, Sensors (e.g. water troughs, fuel tanks), Smart irrigation and water management, Weather monitoring and forecasting and lots more!

- ask us for a quote today!


Simplify lamb & calf raising!

Posted on 29 April 2021
Simplify lamb & calf raising!

Why choose Heatwave Milk Warmer?

#1 Huge time saving!

#2 Healthy calves / lambs, feeding ad-lib as nature intended (no losing newborns to bloat)

#3 Stock fattens quickly, allowing for fat lambs to be weaned and sold earlier

Order today!

The Heatwave Milk Warmer uses heat exchange technology to heat milk on demand. Suitable for feeding lambs, calves and goats. It feeds up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goats and is suitable for powdered milk or whole milk. It's also hygienic, as the milk is stored cold.

It has been estimated it takes 27 man hours to rear 40 calves on ad lib versus 47 hours on a once a day system. Ad lib is a once a day system available ALL day. Rears up to 50 lambs or goat kids.

Nature intended a calf to take small meals, little and often. Large meals flood the digestive system and can give rise to scours. A suckler calf on a cow will feed up to 7 times/day, for 7 minutes/feed.

In hot weather, a large bucket of cold milk placed outside the pen and connected to a teat bar unit will allow calves continuous access to milk, and calves grow well on the cold ad lib system (acidified milk works best). However, when ambient temperatures drop below 10°C, it will be necessary to use a heating system to maintain adequate intakes.

Heatwave Milk Warmer system sits outside the pen, next to the ad lib cold milk reservoir. As the calf drinks, the cold milk is drawn through the Heatwave Milk Warmer and heated on demand, offering all the benefits nature intended.

Benefits of Group Feeding
Calves kept in groups can exhibit natural behaviour, grooming, licking and socialising. Farm Assurance and Red Tractor schemes advise this. Research has shown calves grouped before weaning age will take larger quantities of dry feed, as the group tends to feed together and calves learn habits from each other.

Satisfied calves are less prone to sucking each other.

Calves grow faster and drink more milk but the cost per kg liveweight gained is similar to a once a day or twice/day system. The goal is a bigger, better calf at weaning, converting milk into frame when the feed conversion is at its most efficient.

Calf Health
Many milk powder formulas are 'partially acidified'.* Acidified milk fed ad lib will help the milk to clot and improve digestion. Lowering the pH reduces the number of pathogens and reduces calf scour, improving health and vitality. Small meals promote a healthy digestion. Calves which are not challenged by hunger, consuming a very high energy diet, have a good immune system and are less likely to suffer calf-hood disease such as pneumonia, and have less setbacks.

*Check with your supplier. ** Use a lamb milk powder recommended for ad lib feeding.

Lamb feeder
When ewe lambs give birth to twins it is beneficial to remove one lamb and rear it artificially. This allows the mother to grow and feed a single lamb. The second lamb can be reared on the Heatwave Milk Warmer system and this gives both lambs a better start. Triplets are frequently reared on this system. Growth rates often exceed those lambs fed on the ewe!

The Heatwave Milk Warmer system allows a large barrel of cold reconstituted milk powder, to be mixed up cold and fed on demand, via the milk warming system. Lambs drink an average of 1 litre/day on ad lib. With 4 teats, the Heatwave Milk Warmer will feed up to 50 lambs. Use a lamb milk powder recommended for ad lib feeding.

Kid feeder
Goat kids from milking herds will benefit from ad lib feeding. Follow the same guidelines as for lambs. Use a milk powder recommended for ad lib feeding. 


Oil & Grease for all your vehicles & machinery!

Posted on 20 April 2021
Oil & Grease for all your vehicles & machinery!

We can supply Lubex & Fuchs oils for all your vehicle and machinery needs!

Ring for a quote today!


Calf Shed Hygiene - Keeping it clean

Posted on 20 April 2021
Calf Shed Hygiene - Keeping it clean

The challenge with calf sheds, is that you're housing calves with little immune function in an intense non-sterile environment.

Most calf sheds start every calving season clean, but by the second and third batches of calves it is often a different story depending on numbers and the numbers within groups.

There can be no doubt that the calves born later in the season get exposed to more bacteria. In the past there have been very few options to reduce that bacteria mid-season, but we have found an easy, safe and proven solution at Daviesway.

Stalosan F is a Danish sanitiser, that is extremely popular in Europe. Most of Europe's pig and poultry producers prefer Stalosan F, and it's worth noting that these producers set the international benchmark for shed hygiene.

The beauty of it (for me) too, is that it is non-toxic, and it has almost no smell. Stalosan F contains two powerful naturally occurring anti-microbials that don't impact on a calf's mucus membranes, respiratory system, or hooves like hydrated lime can.

With a pH of below 4, Stalosan kills and inhibits a broad range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and flies which can spread disease.

Its unique combination of minerals makes it an excellent drying agent for animal housing. It binds up to 100% moisture where ammonia is present. In fact, it holds four times its weight in moisture content.

It is guaranteed to reduce levels of Ammonia odour, Diarrhoea, Septicaemia and other diseases in calves.

And best of all, it can also be safely used mid-season, whilst calves are in the pen.

There are certainly other drying agents out there but only Stalosan F has three primary functions that make it unique to the Australian dairy industry. It dries bedding, kills bacteria, and binds ammonia without that toxic afterburn.

It's true that Stalosan isn't a new product, and because of that it comes with a welcome amount of extensive peer-reviewed research.

When we re-discovered Stalosan, we knew we had to make it available to Australian dairy producers, because it's safe and it works.

Calf bedding which one is right for you?
There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing calf bedding.

Whichever option you choose, it's important to make sure there is a minimum depth of 150mm throughout the pen. Most operations start the season with adequate bedding, but it's important that it is topped up regularly as it compacts down. Bedding also needs to be replaced every time a new batch of calves are introduced.

With a poor rice harvest recently, rice hulls are expected to be in short supply, and therefore they will get more expensive. Straw is cheap, but calves tend to chew at it and ingest bacteria. Wood chips are always a good option, but they are traditionally in the higher price bracket.

Given there is likely to be little difference in the cost of rice hulls and wood chips this season, wood chips appear to be the best option. Again, spread at a depth of 150mm, add Stalosan F on the top every seven days to dry bedding, kill bacteria and bind ammonia.

As wood chips don't compact as fast as rice hulls or straw, you will save money because the bedding won't have to be replenished or replaced as quickly. And, you will still have a dry, clean environment for your calves to bed down in.

Using Stalosan F on the top of the bedding is a wise investment because it saves on the total amount of bedding needed for the season.

DASCO calf shed hygiene solution
"Sacrifice on price, not quality"

GERMIDET $15.30* Vs VIRKON S $39.00* (Per 100lt solution)
*please check for latest price comparison



1. Clear shed of last season's bedding (ideally when the season ends to rest the shed)

2. Spray pens, walls, and gates thoroughly with Germidet mix at 200ml per 10lt water

3. Spread Stalosan F at 50g/mt2 on the ground in pen

4. Bed with a minimum depth of 150mm

5. Spread Stalosan F at 50g/mt2 on the top of bedding once every 7 days (and maintain a minimum depth of 150mm of bedding at all times)

6. Stalosan F is safe to use during the season

7. Repeat process every time a pen is emptied


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