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Home > Steel & Welding > Welding > Electrodes > Gemini Nickel Arc 98 x 3.2mm Handy Pack (6 Stick Pack)

Gemini Nickel Arc 98 x 3.2mm Handy Pack (6 Stick Pack)

RRP: $ 34.83 AUD
$ 24.38 AUD
SKU: 100093H
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Nickel electrode which is universally used for welding all types of cast iron. Designed to operate at low currents which minimise heat input & thus facilitates the cold welding of cast iron. Weld induced stresses can be reduced by hammer peening.

AWS Specification

A5.15 E Ni-Cl

  • Used on all types of cast iron
  • Low amperage
  • Ductile weld beads
  • Refined grain structure

Welding Positions

  • Flat, Horizontal, Vertical Up and Overhead


  • Suitable for most cast irons
  • Pumps and block repairs
  • All maintenance workshops
  • Cast iron grate repair

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